Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sexy Chocolate Desserts

If you're after a delicious decadent treat, you can't beat this combination of chocolate and caramel!... Sexy chocolate desserts (image 5 of 10) - Taste.com.au

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Summer Pies, Berries, Grilled Fruit and Gluten-Free Clafoutis

Raspberry White Chocolate Individual Clafoutis (Gluten-Free) recipe on Food52.com

12 Ways to Use Summer Berries. Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are terrific on their own, and, of course, in a variety of desserts... | Care2 Healthy Living

What We’re Cooking: Summer Fruit Pies, starting with Rhubarb and Bilberry Pie, where a traditional crust encases tart and refreshing rhubarb and small bilberries... | Gourmet Live

Nuts, Potatoes, sweet potatoes and squashes... A Tasty Gluten Free Diet Using These Gluten Free Foods | Shape Magazine

Fruits cocktails... Grilled-Peach Old-Fashioned Recipe | Martha Stewart Recipes

Espresso time
Sardinian holiday: Alghero, Espresso time (Photo credit: ockstyle)

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Ice Pops, Cakes, Tarts, Cookies, and... 8 Tomato Dessert Recipes

Bloody Mary Popsicles and Tomato and Salted Plum Granita
Ice Pops, Cakes, Tarts, Cookies, and More. 8 Tomato Dessert Recipes: Well, yes. Tomatoes are fruit, after all... | BA Daily : Bon Appétit

Little frozen fruit balls. Ice pops in the literal sense... Pink melon lollies | BBC Good Food

Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll completely understand how it makes its disappearing act... 5-Minute Strawberry Sorbet | Care2 Healthy Living

A cayenne-injected Cantaloupe Sorbet Recipe | Leite's Culinaria

Entertaining: Sorbet and raspberry-sugar apple | Donna Hay

Simple and refreshing Peaches -n- Cream Popsicles | you-made-that

Nothing says summer quite like a thick, juicy wedge of watermelon... Watermelon Five Ways | Gourmet Live

Tired of the same old vanilla? Unusual Ice cream Flavors | SAVEUR

Each food word has its own particular biography... The Etymology of the Word 'Tomato' | BA Daily : Bon Appétit

Raspberry Sorbet in Cubes [Details1]
Raspberry Sorbet in Cubes [Details1]
(Photo credit: ockstyle)

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